Service, Leadership, Results

Our mission at Volunteer Mississippi is to engage and support Mississippians of all ages and backgrounds in service to their communities. Our story—the story of volunteerism in Mississippi— is about service as a way of life. It’s about leadership in our communities, our schools, and our churches. And it’s about results:  statewide, volunteers and national service members are getting things done, making a difference for our children, our seniors, our veterans and military families.

Volunteers are writing the story of Mississippi’s future today. We invite you to put your talents, hobbies, and skills to work in your own community. We can rise to meet our state’s challenges—not as isolated individuals, but as committed neighbors building a better, brighter future for all Mississippians.



Volunteer Mississippi awards AmeriCorps State grants to organizations throughout the state addressing Mississippi’s greatest needs. AmeriCorps (AC) programs offer individuals a unique opportunity to improve communities through service. Click here to read more.


Volunteer Centers

Mississippi’s Volunteer Centers are community “volunteer hubs” that promote volunteers and volunteer activity, mobilize, prepare and connect volunteers for service. These centers also help build volunteer capacity within the nonprofit and for-profit community. Click here to read more.


Disaster Services

During emergencies, MCVS is the state agency responsible for coordinating volunteer efforts and donations management. MCVS activates Volunteer Response Centers (VRCs), serving multiple functions for local communities and for the individuals and organizations mediating disaster aftermath. Click here to read more.