AmeriCorps State Programs

AmeriCorps Members are “Getting Things Done” in Mississippi

Volunteer Mississippi awards AmeriCorps State grants to organizations throughout the state addressing Mississippi’s greatest needs. AmeriCorps (AC) programs offer individuals a unique opportunity to improve communities through service. State-administered AmeriCorps programs offer skills training, continuing education and other benefits that enable members to better serve local needs while gaining valuable work experience.

AmeriCorps members devote a year of their lives to make a difference; they’re serving in schools and after-school programs as tutors and mentors, providing resources and nutritional education to address food security issues and healthy living lifestyles, cultivating school gardens, providing independent skills training to individuals with disabilities enabling them to remain living independently or transition into independent living, completing 12 rehabilitations of energy efficient affordable homes, and connecting veterans and family members of active military personnel to available resources. Members create lasting change by recruiting local leaders and volunteers, and training them to enact change in their own neighborhoods.

In the 2013-2014 program year 581 AmeriCorps members serving in 11 programs to Get Things Done for Mississippi:

AMERICA READS-MISSISSIPPI:  192 AmeriCorps members will serve as reading tutors for 2,880 kindergarten through third grade students at approximately 40 school sites.  Through the efforts of ARM tutoring, in conjunction with classroom instruction, at least 80% of tutored students will improve by at least 1 reading level.
CONTACT: Ronjanett Taylor, 601.432.6380 or < >

BOYS & GIRLS CLUBS OF THE GULF COAST // IMPACT 2014:  19 full-time AmeriCorps (AC) members, serving at the 5 Boys & Girls Clubs in Harrison and Hancock counties, will plan and implement activities related to academics, community service, and health to engage a minimum of 760 youth in 3rd-8th grade.  With AC members’ assistance, 608 (80%) of these youth will improve academic performance by at least 1 level on standardized state testing in literacy and/or mathematics.  CONTACT: Tawana Banks, 228.896.3770, x329 or
< >

CITY OF JACKSON // CAPITAL CITY REBUILDS :  20 full time AmeriCorps members will academically engage 50 k-5 grade youth in nonprofit after school programs with homework assistance, assist in preparing 100 prek students to demonstrate school readiness, and prepare and distribute nutritious food boxes and healthy lifestyle information to 300 low-income senior citizens.  Other services provided by AC members include facilitating physical activities to youth and seniors and planning, developing, and maintaining community gardens in the low-income neighborhoods to be served.  (Also Healthy Futures.)  CONTACT:  Linda Caldwell, 601.960.0746 or

CLIMB CDC // YOUTHBUILD AMERICORPS GULF COAST:  CLIMB CDC // YOUTHBUILD AMERICORPS GULF COAST:  66 economically disadvantaged AmeriCorps members will work toward attaining their GED and national employment certifications, perform 12 rehabilitations of energy efficient affordable houses, and prepare and serve 500 meals per year at local nonprofits to low income individuals.  CONTACT:  Neisha McNeal, 228.867.5600 or
< >

FOOD CORPS MISSISSIPPI:  10 AmeriCorps members will leverage an additional 100 community volunteers to increase vulnerable children’s knowledge of, engagement with, and access to healthy food, at three local partner organizations in Mississippi. At the end of the 2013-2014 program year, after delivering food and nutrition education, cultivating school gardens, and sourcing and promoting local food for K-12 students in communities of need, beneficiaries will measurably improve their attitudes toward fruits and vegetables, setting them on an enduring path toward maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle.
CONTACT:  Michele Matyasovsky, 212.596.7045, x 118 < >

GRENADA SCHOOL DISTRICT:  29 AmeriCorps members will tutor 1,015 K-8 students in reading and math within the Grenada Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary, and Middle Schools, participate in local and national days of service in the Grenada community, and reinforce tutoring through reading initiatives at the local library. At least 85% of the 1,015 K-8 students receiving AmeriCorps tutoring have demonstrate at least a 15% gain in academic  achievement as measured by pre and post test scores. 
CONTACT:  Pamela Hubbard, 662.226.1606 or

LIFE:  20 Project LINC (Linking Individuals into Neighborhoods and Communities) AmeriCorps members will provide life skills training to individuals with disabilities throughout Mississippi and ensure accessibility of local communities through each of LIFE’s six office locations. Life skills training will be provided to 500 individuals in an effort to increase and enhance their ability to live independently in the community and improve social ties and support  and, members will conduct no fewer than 50 Americans with Disabilities Act site surveys for accessibility.
CONTACT:  Margie Moore, 601.969.4009 or < >

NORTHTOWN CDC:  20 veterans will be engaged as full time AmeriCorps members and will connect resources including military benefits, financial training, suicide prevention, and PTSD available treatment, to 700 veterans and 700 family members of active duty military service members.  AC members, serving throughout the state at Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation offices in underserved and rural geographical areas, will be trained to execute and implement the Family Readiness and Yellow Ribbon Programming.  75% of those served will successfully access resources.
CONTACT:  John Victorian, 601.842.6073 or

SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH 1 (SR1) – COOL Project – 38 AC members will provide innovative tutoring, mentoring, health, and social skills activities to increase academic achievement in science, math, and language arts/English, and 21st century life and career skills to ensure life and career readiness for k-12 economically disadvantaged students in Hinds, Madison & Scott counties.  70% of students tutored will improve their academic performance by 5 points in literacy and/or math.
CONTACT:  Dorlissa Hutton,  601.853.9773 or < >

UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI // UM COLLEGE CORPS:  74 University of Mississippi students, enrolled as AmeriCorps members, are assisting local nonprofit organizations to provide homework help and food security assistance in the Oxford/Lafayette County community.  80% of k-12 students tutored will demonstrate improved academic performance, and 60% of those receiving resources to address food insecurity will report increased food security.
CONTACT: Stephen Monroe, 662.915.7178 or

UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI // CAMPUS LINK AMERICORPS -  90 AmeriCorps members, mostly college students, will provide in- and after-school tutoring for 500 economically disadvantaged 4th-8th grade students, resulting in 75% of students reporting improved academic engagement (increased interest in school and educational aspirations).
CONTACT:  Samantha Jones, 601.266.5205 or

Other AmeriCorps programs with members serving in Mississippi

AMERICORPS*NCCC (National Civilian Community Corps)  is a full-time, team-based residential program for men and women ages 18-24. NCCC members, assigned to one of five campuses, are organized into teams of 10-12 members and serve in local communities in every state responding to needs that are identified by community-based organizations. Campuses are currently located in Perry Point, MD; Denver, CO; Vinton, IA; and Sacramento, CA, and the newest campus in VICKSBURG, MS.

Approximately 1,100 members serve in NCCC each year. Through an interagency agreement with FEMA and arrangement with the American Red Cross, NCCC members have responded to every national disaster since the program was established. 100% of the members are certified in CPR, first aid, and disaster response; approximately 15% are firefighter trained by the National Park and U.S. Forest Services. NCCC teams also support local disaster relief organizations to help communities prepare for, respond to, and recover from natural or man-made disasters. Since September 2005, more than 3,000 members from all campuses have served nearly 2,000,000 hours on 650 Gulf Coast relief and recovery projects.

CONTACT: Erica Roberts, 601.630.4048, or